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Monday, 22 January 2018

Stuck on fundraising ideas... well look no further!

Its getting to that point where the Rock Challenge 2018 tour is about to begin and the start of some amazing events! But it’s also where schools are thinking of different ways to fundraise to be able to get costumes, set, hair, makeup and travel costs to get to their event. So below is a list of fundraising ideas that I have put together that may help raise money towards everything you may need: 

  •          Cake sales
  •          Bag packing
  •          Guess the number of sweets in a jar
  •          Quiz night
  •          Penny jar (every team member puts whatever random change they can find and put it in a jar)
  •          Within the school each class designs and creates a product sell at break times and after school (bookmarks, bracelets, necklaces etc)
  •          Rag bags (bag of unwanted clothing would be handed in by pupils and brought by others and team members)
  •          Guess the teddy bears name/birthday
  •          Bingo night
  •          Raffle/tombola
  •          Zumba-thon
  •          Non-uniform/dress up days
  •          Talent show
  •          Rock Challenge Party Night (invite the whole team and other pupils and teachers if you would like too. Small price for tickets and include sweet stalls, photo booth, dance competitions etc)
  •          Fundraising page (Virgin Giving, Go Fund Me, Just Giving)

There are endless ideas that you could do but this is just a list to give schools an idea on fundraising ideas whether they wish to use them or not. Even the simplest ideas can help you out and raise a lot of money, but any ideas you come up with and decide to use like mentioned before will not only raise money, but it will also bring the team together as you’ll be working on something that means a lot to you all and that you’ve been working hard on for a certain amount of time! I hope these ideas will help you all out and you raise the money you need to go towards such an amazing performance! We can’t wait to see what you’ve all made or created and we know that whatever you have raised will go to something special!

Good luck and happy fundraising!!

Chloe Jarvis 

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